Ariadezh  Log Analyzer System (ALA),dezhafzarnet,dezhafzar
Ariadezh  Log Analyzer System (ALA),dezhafzarnet,dezhafzar

Ariadezh Log Analyzer System (ALA)

Ariadezh Log Analyzer System (ALA)

Ariadezh Log Analyzer System (ALA)

The Ariadezh Log Analyzer system (ALA), by using the recording of events and events, as well as using the knowledge of experts and the use of analysis and statistics, tries to visually display and understand information by communicating between events. It provides a better cyber situation of the organization.

System features

Features of Ariadezh Log Analyzer System (ALA)

Checking the history of events and long-term storage of events for future reference based on available storage volume
Keeping information compact in order to reduce the need for storage resources
Normalization and detail display of UTM events
Ability to search through all important event fields
Statistical analysis and visualization of firewall events
Volume content and security analysis of web user visit events
Display the status of VPN connections over time
Viewing user activity based on events related to the user
Display attacks and unauthorized access visually based on the IDS module
The possibility of connecting to threat intelligence systems and automatic detection of incidents
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