provides stable and flexible products in the network security field

with years of experience

Dezhafzarnet company (Dezhafzar) is a producer of native network security products and was established in 2014 with the presence of a group of young elites with the aim of improving the security field of the country, although the founders of the company had a successful history in the production of network, medical and office automation products. But they decided to create a new company with an information security approach. Some of the reasons for this choice can be mentioned:

1. Obsolescence of the core and technology of well-known domestic products, even products with more than 400,000 users

2. The level of domestic products is not in line with the new security requirements, especially compared to foreign products

3. The existence of traditional management in most of the top security companies that do not want to make serious changes in their products

4. The existence of rent for the sale of security products is an important inhibiting factor that includes the lack of competitive space to upgrade the companies' products

5. The good knowledge that the company's managers had of domestic products and the real needs of the market led to the production of products that not only meet the market's needs, but also have export potential. Now, all the company's products, in addition to having valid domestic certificates, patents and ... have been produced with export quality. Dezhafzarnet company is the only knowledge-based export company in the field of network security from the point of view of the export corridor of the presidential institution.

6. The managers of Dezhfarenet company, believing in the implementation of the system engineering concept at all management levels, were able to make all the processes systematic, and in this way, every process in the company has a predefined structure, and in this way, the system does not depend on the individual. They have done this in such a way that now as a well-known company in the field of software and hardware project management, it offers its knowledge in this field as a service.

Our Goals

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Entrepreneurship and recruitment of elite forces, dezhafzarnet(dezhafzar) Entrepreneurship and recruitment of elite forces
Localization of new technologies, dezhafzarnet(dezhafzar) Localization of new technologies
Export of products and services, dezhafzarnet(dezhafzar) Export of products and services
Leading the way is national securityIcon of the path of growth , dezhafzarnet(dezhafzar) Leading the way is national security