Network Management System (dezhafzar)
Network Management System (dezhafzar)

Network Management System (NMS)

Keyvan Network Management System

Network Management System (NMS)

A network management system is a program or set of programs that enables network administrators to manage unique network components within a larger network management framework.

An NMS may be used to monitor software and hardware on a network, typically logging information from remote network locations to provide central reporting to a system administrator.

Centralized management of network equipment in the form of automation is a very efficient and low-cost solution for network managers who can simultaneously control a large number of network equipment such as routers, firewalls, switches, etc. through a single panel on the web. and supervise.

System features

Features of Ariadezh integrated threat management system

Support for SSH, HTTP, HTTPS protocols
The presence of multiple proxies to connect to equipment and display on the web
The possibility of connecting to the web panel of the equipment through available proxies
Safe storage of passwords and connection keys
Ability to define controlled devices based on connection type
Reporting of equipment status in the form of time diagrams (ERD)
Ability to define scheduled tasks for each device
View equipment status in a dashboard
Ability to define dedicated devices and custom protocols
Ability to define access level for users
The possibility of safe and non-disruptive online updates over the air (OTA)
Ability to backup and restore settings and data
Multi-interface support (Multi-NIC) to connect to different network segments
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