Rayen data diode,dezhafzarnet(dezhafzar)
Rayen data diode,dezhafzarnet(dezhafzar)

Rayen data diode

Rayen Data Diode

Rayen data diode

The one-way data transmission system, also known as a unidirectional network, one-way security port, and Data Diode, is a security device that makes data transmission one-way. In such a way that information transfer is only possible in one direction. This security device is widely used in the military, defense, industrial centers, etc. So that most defense organizations use the one-way transmission system in order to communicate between the internal network and the Internet. In short, this device is placed between the internal network (secure network) and the Internet network (unsecured network) and only allows data to enter the secure network and does not allow any data to leave the internal network.

Relying on the knowledge of its technical team, for the first time in Iran, Dezhfahrnet has designed and built a secure one-way data transmission system for the native channel and has patented this system in the country's Real Estate Registration Organization. One of the prominent features of this system is its very transparent design and construction documentation, which, in addition to guaranteeing 100% one-way data transfer, is free of any backdoor. Also, the price of this system is much more affordable than foreign models

Supported Protocols :

- User initiated file transfers & FTP

- SMB (windows share forward)

- Web site mirroring

- Email (SMTP)

- Offline data streaming

System features

Features of Ariadezh integrated threat management system

Patent certificate with number 033801 from Intellectual Property Organization
Locally or by connecting to LDAB and Active Directory servers
Network user; No need for software interface
Delete the risk of transmitting information in the wrong way.
Automatic and transparent transfer of data without the need for human intervention
Safe against back channel
Monitor the activity of network users
Up to 160 Mbps
1U Rackmount
AC 110-220
Gigabit Ethernet*4
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