Voice Authentication Service,dezhafzarnet(dezhafzar)
Voice Authentication Service,dezhafzarnet(dezhafzar)

Voice Authentication Service

Voice Authentication Services

Product Description

Voice as a unique biological feature can be used for authentication like a fingerprint. This audio biometric feature, through a simple microphone; Unlike the fingerprint sensor, it is available. The voice authentication service of Dezhfraznet company, with its unique capabilities, can be used as an online service to authenticate people.

To view the voice authentication service portal, please refer to the following link:

voice authentication portal
Product Catalog

Voice is one of the most widely used channels for identifying people; So businesses can use data from mobile operators to help agents deliver more personalized interactions. In addition, voice as a biometric factor like a fingerprint can provide another level of security. Using multiple layers to gain insight provides a more complete picture of users and customers for more productive engagement. In order to introduce this product, Dezhfarenet company has tried to prepare the catalog of this product and provide it to you for more information.

Product Video

In order to introduce the product and also better interaction of the customers in knowing the features of this product, Dezhafzarnet company has prepared a video. You can play and watch the relevant video by selecting the button below.

Product Features

Register at home

Your customers will be able to complete the registration process at home, using their smartphones or the web app

    customer authentication

    Allows your applications to verify customer identity via any audio channel (mobile, web, and microphone) by comparing recorded audio.

      prevent attack, cut and paste

      Allows your application to prevent re-attacks, cut and paste

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