provides stable and flexible products in the network security field

with years of experience

More than 1000 successful installation

More than 1000 successful installation

EHigh quality products suitable for international trade

High quality products suitable for international trade

Participation in international businesses

Participation in international businesses

Expert in changing idea to patent

Expert in changing idea to patent

Dezhafzarnet Company (Dezhafzar) proudly announces that since 1394 (2015-2016), in response to the country's security needs, it has been dedicated to producing indigenous network security products. A group of young elites, aiming to enhance the country's security level, founded this company. Since then, Dezhafzarnet has been recognized as a pioneer in the field of information security.

The indigenous network security products of Dezhafzarnet Company include: Rayen data diode (Data Diode), Ariadezh Unified Threat Management system (Ariyadezh), Voice Authentication Service (Avayab), Ariadezh Log Analyzer System (ALA), Network Management System (keyvan), Batis Security Information and Event Management System (Batis SIEM). Additionally, it provides Jira Project Management and Control System, Confluence Knowledge Management, and Jira Service Management for customer relationship management. These products, utilizing advanced security technologies, enable customers to use their networks with greater confidence.

Dezhafzarnet, with a focus on information security and attention to current needs, is recognized as one of the pioneers in providing security solutions within the country. Our effort is to meet customer needs in a comprehensive management package by providing specialized services, consultation, system analysis, software production, system deployment, and support. We assure our customers that by choosing Dezhafzarnet's products and services, they will have access to the latest technologies and the best security solutions, allowing them to use technology to protect their sensitive information in the best possible way.


Why your choice is



دژافزارنت،دژافزار،جوان گرایی


Special attention to youth employment as the top priority in the workforce recruitment process

دژافزارنت،دژافزار،لبه تکنولوژی

The edge of technology

Production of high-tech products, including services such as voice authentication

دژافزارنت،دژافزار،دانش محوری

Knowledge oriented

90% focus of the company's activities is on research and development

دژافزارنت،دژافزار،اعتقاد به مهندسی سیستم

Belief in system engineering

Progress in all activities through work and knowledge management processes

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In this part products of Dezhafzarnet's company are introduced, these products are actually those products that have been evaluated many times.Commercialized, and are being used on different websites in the country. Quality and stability are the main features that the company's products are in themselves a tool to promote our products.


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